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Carers Pen Pal Scheme

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Carers Pen Pal Scheme

We understand that being a carer can be lonely at times and lead to feelings of isolation. The current Covid-19 pandemic has really highlighted how such isolation can affect a carers mental well-being, particularly during lockdown where many carers have gone for months without seeing anyone other than the person they care for.

Our CarerLinks team have kept in touch with the carers we support and offered many digital ways to communicate with others through our virtual groups,  however,  sometimes you just want to take some timeout to write a letter or email to someone who understands first hand what you are going through.

This is why we’ve created the Carers Pen Pal Scheme.

  • How to join Carers Pen Pal Scheme

Complete the form to let us know you are interested in finding a pen pal.

Once we’ve received your request to join the scheme we can start to match you to a suitable pen pal based on your interests.

We will keep your details on file and when a suitable match comes along we will get in touch.

No contact details will be shared, all letters/emails will go to a central hub to be passed on to your penpal.

This scheme is open to all carers in the UK.

If you’d like to find out more about our CarerLinks carer support service CarerLinks Carer Support