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CarerLinks Testimonials

Testimonials from the carers we support through our CarerLinks service

On behalf of my mum and dad, we would like for Fleur, on behalf of Crossroads Together, to be recognised for the fantastic support she has provided to myself and my parents.

Fleur has pulled everything together and communicated with me on a two weekly basis,  as promised, offering her support and ensuring that my mum and dad have  all the support and help they need to stay safe, comfortable and well in their home.

This is a personal thank you to Fleur and also to Crossroads Together for not just offering support, but for being there, for listening and for ensuring everything happens, which it has.  – Carer

Camillia made me feel valued, like I have a voice and that what’s happening to me matters. Previous experiences of carer organisation have left me feeling like I’ve fallen through the gaps because I work full time and outwardly manage to muddle through. This is the first time I’ve felt someone has understood my situation and wanted to help me move to a better place for me and the person I care for.

An outstanding amount of empathy was displayed by Camillia while she encouraged me to consider what might be put in place to help. This was all done with an exceptional amount of emotional intelligence and humanity. I was able to put in place some actions myself and Camillia assisted me with some more complex actions, which I would have found difficult to navigate while working full time and caring for my sibling.

Although I have spent a relatively short time with Camillia, the program you have is incredibly effective and has helped make a positive and ongoing change. I wanted to share this with you because I feel it’s far superior to any previous encounters I’ve had with carer type services.

It’s clear that Camillia is passionate about her role and genuinely wants to make a difference, which is very refreshing. In combination with the processes you have, this is the perfect recipe.

Thank you, for the first time I have been heard and helped – Carol, Carer

‘I cannot express enough how much I have valued the support, help and friendship provided by Fleur over the last 12 months.  She has been an absolute tower of support during an incredibly stressful time and helped me navigate through a number of big life events. Where to start…..

– Her perceptiveness is fabulous, she recognised immediately I’m not one for asking for help. She quickly saw that my stress levels were preventing me from absorbing information. Fleur provided support and an extra pair of eyes and ears at a really pivotal meeting to secure a specialist school place for my daughter. She was able to relay and remind me of information after the meeting to keep me on track – she even went above and beyond and swapped her working pattern to attend a meeting.

– Fleur used her contacts to signpost me to access some brilliant help from Citizens Advice specifically for benefit entitlement and legal advice.  Fleur has also shared some really useful mindfulness resources and practical signposting to other resources such as finding out about Power of Attorney.

– When you are in the thick of stressful situations the last thing you do is look after yourself and the last thing you want to do is fill out forms.  Fleur has made life so much easier with both forms and accessing funding.

– Fleur is a ray of sunshine, her empathy, humour and reassurance always leave me feeling positive and stronger.  Fleur checks in regularly to see if I’m ok or I need support with anything, that alone improves my mental health, just to know someone “gets it” and cares about you is really uplifting and it has spurred me on.

– Even the Covid crisis doesn’t prevent Fleur spreading cheer, It was lovely to see Fleur and Maureen on my driveway with a really thoughtful care-package.

Where am I now……… I am coping much better,  feel positive and motivated and am putting my life back together.  This is, in no small part, thanks to Fleur. It was horrid feeling so overwhelmed and lonely.  I don’t feel that anymore.  Bless the day I met Fleur and thank Crossroads Together for supporting and caring about the carers.  I am truly grateful.‘ – Sharon Barclay, Carer

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