Attending a singing group can be a great way for carers and those they care for to improve loneliness and isolation.


Carers and people with care needs are especially vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation.  A recent report on loneliness by the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness found that 80% carers have felt lonely or socially isolated as a result of their caring role. This rises to nearly 86% for carers providing 50 hours or more a week.

Crossroads Together is committed to providing social opportunities wherever possible to combat social isolation for carers and people with care needs. We currently offer;

Singing Groups

Singing Together is aimed at people over 50 who like singing and would like to meet new friends over a cup of tea in a safe and relaxed atmosphere

Our groups are open to all who enjoy singing for fun and are specially designed for people with memory difficulties, dementia, learning disabilities and their carers.

Benefits of Singing

Singing is fun and great for your well-being whilst reaping the benefits of a healthy and happy mind

Music memory is one of the last to be effected by dementia; people are able to recall and sing along to familiar songs even though they may not be able to remember other things.

Singing in a group is an easy way to make new friends

Almost everyone can enjoy music, even those people who have lost the power of speech can hum along, tap their feet, clap their hands, play percussion instruments or even dance!

Singing also brings health benefits for example it improves lung capacity and improves breath control, it also stimulates memory and conversation.

It’s for Fun, Friendship and Relaxation

You don’t need to be a good singer or particularly musical to attend, just somebody who enjoys listening to music and singing familiar tunes.

Where can I sing?

Singing Together – Congleton – call 0333 323 1990