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GPs  Prescribe Breaks for Carers in Oldham

Crossroads Together is pioneering a scheme in partnership with GPs in Oldham to enable GPs to prescribe a break for carers who are in need of temporary respite from their caring roles.  The scheme provides unpaid carers with a minimum four-hour respite break. This is to support people who might be caring for a relative, friend or neighbour with any illness or disability. 

Paul Parlby, CEO of Crossroads Together explains why this scheme is so important:

“Carers do an incredible job but their responsibilities can often impact on their own health and wellbeing. They all need and deserve a break now and again but sometimes they are either unable to, or do not want to, leave the person they are caring for. There are thousands of carers who are hidden away within our communities and we are hoping that by working with GPs we can reach those carers for whom a break would be invaluable.”

“Giving a carer a break reduces stress levels and can enable them to care for longer. We must raise awareness of the scheme amongst GPs and also carers themselves, who should not be afraid of discussing the scheme and their needs with their own GP.”

Ask at your GP’s surgery for more information or contact Crossroads Together in Oldham on 01706 525361 to find out more about the scheme .